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The ongoing rise in scholarly output. The changing market dynamics driven by open research. The constantly changing stakeholder expectations. It’s more important today than ever for publishers to build strong, long-lasting relationships with the research community.

For over twenty years, we’ve helped publishers connect with researchers to ensure content is peer-reviewed, published, seen and cited by the right audiences. Our robust workflow solutions, publisher-neutral data and expert teams help you provide a modern, streamlined experience for your authors, editors, and reviewers. Manage your entire publication workflow from acquisition to publication: connect with millions of potential authors; quickly find relevant, available and motivated reviewers; efficiently turn around manuscript submissions; and ease administrative burden for your editors.

How we help

Assess your journal’s performance

  • Understand the relative contribution of each article to your journal’s overall citation performance​
  • Gain insight into competitor publications, down to the paper level​
  • Obtain the transparency you need to make data-driven decisions about your open access strategy​

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Manage publication workflows

  • Streamline workflow with innovative capabilities such as AI-powered metadata extraction and submission filtering​
  • Protect the integrity of your journal and editorial processes with proprietary algorithms that help you spot potentially unusual activities from authors and reviewers​
  • Partner with key industry organizations for single sign-on, taxonomy and other tracking and verification capabilities​

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Market to the right audience

  • Target authors based on academic affiliations and countries/regions​
  • Reach the right audience with multiple targeting options across the sciences, arts and humanities and social sciences
  • Boost campaign performance by personalizing your campaigns with dynamic content​
  • Cover all your campaign needs with compliance and data protection, and campaign performance monitoring​

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Find reviewers & build stronger relationships

  • Expand your pool of potential reviewers through powerful and accurate search with comprehensive search parameters
  • Screen and assess reviewer candidates with 360° view​
  • Reliably contact and connect with prospective reviewers
  • Build stronger relationships with reviewers by recognizing their contributions with our Reviewer Recognition Service
  • Provide enhanced visibility and recognition for peer reviewers

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Manage scholarly conferences

  • Manage submissions, peer-reviews and content for any size conference in one place​
  • Implement a scalable solution for your community of authors, reviewers, committees, speakers and attendees
  • Provide a seamless transition from opening to event and beyond​

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Bring transparency to peer review

  • Bring more openness to peer review with minimal effort, using existing technology
  • Publish an article’s complete peer review process — from initial review and response through to revision and final publication decision​
  • Advance research integrity and reproducibility
  • Help prevent research manipulation and fraudulent review

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